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About Us

Beant Petrochemical Equipment

Corrosion-Resistant Equipment Manufacturer for Extreme Working Conditions


The Xishan District Yunlindi Aite Machinery Equipment Operation Department is a subsidiary of Beant Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, primarily engaged in the integration, research and development, manufacturing, and sales of anti-corrosion systems. Beant Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd serves as a complete system integrator for Wuxi Beant Anti-corrosion Equipment Co., Ltd, specializing in the development and integration of industrial anti-corrosion systems.

Since its inception, Beant has been dedicated to the research, design, and manufacturing of chemical anti-corrosion equipment, providing optimal anti-corrosion solutions and product selection based on the production processes of customers. The company employs approximately 86 people, with over 12 in design and research and more than 5 senior anti-corrosion engineers, holding D1 and D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing qualifications.

For nearly a decade since its establishment, Beant has always adhered to the philosophy of endless development and innovation, focusing on solving the problems of chemical corrosion in large and super-large chemical equipment, and striving to produce world-leading anti-corrosion equipment to enhance the corrosion resistance of devices.

  • Beant Mission

    Focus on the challenges and pressures that concern our customers,

    provide competitive solutions,

    and continuously create maximum value for our customers.

  • Beant Purpose

    To create value for customers, wealth for society,

    opportunities for employees, and development for Innotech.

  • Beant Core Values

    Customer-centric, with a fundamental emphasis on the striver,

    quality and safety are the core of all business activities.