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Complete Process Units

From Core Equipment to Integrated Solutions

BEANT adheres to a talent-based approach, crafting robust technical design and management capabilities through computer-aided design and other methods. Based on the User Requirement Specifications (URS) or other Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) descriptions provided by our clients, we extend from the design of core equipment to the design of production processes, piping, and automation controls. After completing the PFD, we proceed to a more detailed design of the process equipment, instrumentation, and utilities according to the technical specifications, utilizing 3D simulation software to accurately simulate the entire process flow in advance. Simultaneously, during the design process of the complete set of equipment, we will conduct multiple reviews to ensure the design meets the overall needs of the client.

Overall Process Design

  • Process Design
  • Skid Modeling Design
  • Structural 3D Design
  • 3D Piping Layout
  • Electrical Instrument Programming
  • Reactor Stress Analysis

Overall Solution

New material manufacturing - Total solution

  • ITO New Material Manufacturing
  • 3D Design Drawing
  • Lithium Battery Anode Material Manufacturing
  • 3D Design Drawing