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Advanced Petrochemical Equipment Solutions

Explore our cutting-edge range of petrochemical equipment, designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency, durability, and safety.

Innovations in Environmental Sustainability

Embrace sustainability with our environmentally conscious solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

BEANT anti-corrosion technology is suitable for various working conditions in the pharmaceutical industry. Bioant can provide complete solutions for temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant reactors used in chemical pharmaceutical production and sanitary storage tanks and pipelines used in biopharmaceuticals.

Water Treatment

Flue gas desulfurization, sewage and oily sewage treatment, comprehensive utilization of water resources, agricultural sprinkler irrigation, protecting back-end processes and reducing costs.

Semiconductor Industry

Corrosion-resistant components of semiconductor processing equipment such as plasma chambers, which include metal surfaces such as aluminum or aluminum alloys, stainless steel, or refractory metals.

Chemical Industry

Catalyst recovery and utilization, perfect solid-liquid separation solution.

New Material Manufacturing

New materials such as manufacturing processes, equipment and anti-corrosion technologies.

New Energy Industry

Advanced anti-corrosion technology makes photovoltaic brackets more environmentally friendly and durable.

Food Industry

Food industry equipment anti-corrosion technology.

Four major advantages bring you all-round protection

Focus on every detail because we understand your needs better

Design Capability

01 Design Capability

Tailored designs to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.
A dedicated team of experienced designers and engineers, bringing together diverse expertise for innovative solutions.
Designs that prioritize energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and minimal environmental impact.

Manufacturing Capability

02 Manufacturing Capability

High-tech, automated production lines that ensure precision and consistency.
A team of skilled craftsmen and technicians trained in the latest manufacturing techniques.
Each product undergoes stringent testing to meet international quality standards.
Streamlined manufacturing processes allow for timely delivery without compromising quality.

Quality Management

03 Quality Management

Compliance with international quality management standards, ensuring global acceptance.
Comprehensive inspection and testing protocols at every production stage.
Actively incorporating client insights into quality improvement initiatives.
A specialized quality control team with the expertise to uphold the highest standards.

Research and Development Innovation

04 Research and Development Innovation

Development of pioneering technologies that set new industry standards.
A growing portfolio of patented technologies that provide clients with unique competitive advantages.
Rapid prototyping and testing to accelerate the innovation cycle.

Innovate and Inspire

Discover the stories that inspire innovation in the petrochemical industry with our blog.

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About Us - Our Journey to Innovation

Discover the journey of Beant, from our humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the petrochemical equipment industry.


Beant Petrochemical Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a complete system integrator of Wuxi Beant Anti-corrosion Equipment Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development and complete sets of industrial anti-corrosion systems. Beant provides optimal anti-corrosion solutions and product selection based on customers' production processes. The company's main products: fluorine-lined storage tanks, fluorine-lined reactors, fluorine-lined pipelines, fluorine-lined plastic heat exchangers, fluorine-lined filters, fluorine-lined towers and other complete sets of equipment. The company's products are widely used in many fields such as medicine, minerals, high-purity electronics, new energy, chemistry, food, petrochemicals, etc.

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