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  • Modular Skid Mounted Equipment
Modular Skid Mounted EquipmentModular Skid Mounted Equipment

Modular Skid Mounted Equipment

Reduced Installation Time: Pre-assembled and pre-tested units allow for rapid installation and commissioning, substantially shortening project timelines.
High Engineering Quality: Adherence to stringent manufacturing standards, such as ASME and CE, ensures high-quality construction and reliability.
Flexibility: Capable of being customized to specific process needs and space constraints, offering solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications across various industries.

Introduction to Modular Skid Mounted Equipment

Modular Skid Mounted Equipment revolutionizes traditional industrial setups by integrating essential process devices, including piping, valves, pumps, vessels, and instrumentation, into a singular, cohesive unit. This integration is facilitated within a structured framework, typically mounted on a skid, which allows for easy transportation and installation. The essence of modularization lies in its ability to streamline complex processes into manageable, efficient units that can be easily replicated and deployed. This approach significantly benefits project management by simplifying logistics, enhancing quality control through factory testing, and adhering to environmental safety standards by containing potential hazards within a controlled environment. Modular skid systems embody a shift towards more agile, sustainable, and cost-effective manufacturing and processing solutions, reflecting modern industry's move towards innovation and efficiency.

Product Description

The construction of Modular Skid Mounted Equipment is a meticulous process that combines various components into a functional unit. Key components include pipelines for fluid transport, valves for flow control, structural frames for support, tanks for storage, pumps for fluid movement, mixers for homogenization, and instruments for monitoring and control. Each of these components is integrated within the skid, adhering to a compact design philosophy that maximizes space utilization and enhances the system's overall functionality.

Customization plays a crucial role in the development of these systems. Based on the client's specific process flow or Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), the equipment is tailored to meet precise operational requirements. This customization extends to the selection of materials and components that comply with various standards such as ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), CE (Conformité Européenne), and GB (Chinese national standards), ensuring that the final product is not only efficient and compact but also compliant with international quality and safety standards. This process results in equipment that is optimized for both transportation and onsite installation, providing a turnkey solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

Key Features

Modular Skid Mounted Equipment is distinguished by its design flexibility, capable of accommodating both open-frame skids and containerized skids. This versatility allows the equipment to be specifically tailored for diverse functionalities, including reactor testing, filtration, water treatment, chemical injection, and dosing systems. Such flexibility ensures that each skid-mounted unit can be customized to fulfill the unique needs of various industrial processes, from chemical manufacturing to water purification.

Moreover, the adaptability of Modular Skid Mounted Equipment extends to its installation capabilities. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, these units can be deployed across different environmental conditions and elevations, making them suitable for virtually any industrial setting. This adaptability, combined with the equipment's modular nature, enables rapid scaling and reconfiguration of processes, providing industries with a resilient and flexible solution that can evolve in line with operational demands.

Advantages of Our Modular Skid Mounted Equipment

The adoption of Modular Skid Mounted Equipment brings forth a multitude of holistic benefits that significantly impact project outcomes across industries:

Enhanced Project Quality: By utilizing a modular approach, each component of the skid-mounted equipment undergoes rigorous factory-level quality control and integration, ensuring that all parts meet high standards of functionality and reliability. This meticulous attention to detail results in superior project quality, with systems that are optimized for performance and durability.

Reduced Timelines: The prefabrication and pre-testing of modular equipment in a controlled factory environment drastically shorten project timelines. Since the majority of assembly, integration, and testing are completed off-site, on-site installation time is significantly reduced, accelerating the overall project schedule.

Significant Cost Savings: Modularization allows for cost efficiencies through reduced labor costs, minimized on-site construction errors, and lower project management expenses. The ability to perform bulk manufacturing and testing processes in a factory setting also contributes to economies of scale, further driving down costs.

Improved Safety and Environmental Compliance: Factory-based assembly and testing of skid-mounted equipment minimize the risk of on-site accidents and ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards. Moreover, the contained nature of modular systems reduces the potential for environmental contamination, aligning with sustainability goals.

Factory-level Integration and Pre-testing: Prior to deployment, each modular unit is fully integrated and tested at the factory to verify that it meets all process requirements. This step ensures that the equipment will perform as expected from the moment it is installed, minimizing the need for adjustments and troubleshooting post-installation.


Modular Skid Mounted Equipment is designed to meet diverse industrial requirements through a wide range of technical specifications:

Material Standards: The choice of materials for pipelines, structures, and tanks can be tailored to meet specific project needs, including compliance with American standards or national standards. Options typically include carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 316, 316L), and alloys designed for specific environmental conditions and media types.

Manufacturing and Design Standards: To ensure the highest levels of quality and safety, modular skid-mounted systems are manufactured in accordance with leading industry standards, including GB (Chinese national standards), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and CE (Conformité Européenne) standards. These standards cover aspects such as design, manufacturing, testing, and documentation, ensuring that equipment meets international regulatory demands.


A comprehensive range of accessories and additional features is available to enhance the functionality and integration of Modular Skid Mounted Equipment:

End Fittings and Connectors: To facilitate seamless system integration, a variety of end fittings and connectors are offered, including flanged, threaded, and quick-connect options. These accessories ensure that modular units can be easily connected to existing infrastructure.

Customization Options: Recognizing the unique nature of each project, modular systems can be customized with specific accessories designed to enhance performance, including sensors, gauges, control valves, and safety devices. Customization extends to the layout and configuration of the skid, enabling clients to specify the arrangement of components to best suit their operational needs.

Application of Modular Skid Mounted Equipment

Modular Skid Mounted Equipment finds extensive applications across a diverse array of industries, owing to its adaptability, efficiency, and compact design. This equipment is pivotal in processes where precision, safety, and reliability are paramount.

Industry Applications

Chemical Processing: Used for mixing, reacting, separating, and processing various chemicals. Modular skids are designed to handle corrosive, toxic, and volatile substances safely and efficiently.

Pharmaceuticals: Essential for drug formulation, blending, and purification processes. The equipment's design ensures contamination-free environments crucial for producing pharmaceuticals.

Water Treatment: Deployed in filtration, disinfection, and reverse osmosis systems. Skid-mounted units streamline water purification processes to meet stringent quality standards.

Oil and Gas: Utilized in processing, injection systems, and separation units. The robust construction is suitable for the demanding conditions of oil and gas extraction and processing.


Specific Applications

Reactor Testing Skids: Provide a controlled environment for pilot-scale chemical reactions, allowing for precise testing and scaling of chemical processes.

Filtration Skids: Designed for the efficient removal of particulates from liquids or gases, critical in industries requiring high-purity outputs.

Water Treatment Units: Compact systems designed for desalination, softening, or purifying water for industrial or municipal use.

Dosing Systems: Accurately measure and inject chemicals into processing lines, essential for maintaining product quality and process efficiency.

FAQ for Modular Skid Mounted Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.What is Skid-Mounted Equipment?

Answer: Skid-mounted equipment refers to machinery or a process system that is constructed on a frame or platform, known as a skid, which allows for easy transportation and installation. This equipment is fully assembled and tested in a controlled factory environment before being shipped to the site, enabling rapid deployment and commissioning. The skid provides a sturdy base for the equipment, incorporating all necessary components such as piping, pumps, instruments, and controls, designed for specific industrial processes. This approach significantly reduces on-site construction and assembly time, offering a cost-effective, efficient solution for process industry needs.

2.What is a Modular Skid?

Answer: A modular skid is a compact, pre-engineered, and self-contained unit that houses equipment for a specific process, all mounted on a common base, or "skid." These modules are designed to be easily integrated with other units or existing systems, allowing for flexible process configurations. Modular skids are used across various industries for processes like chemical mixing, water treatment, and energy management. The modularity of these systems offers significant advantages in terms of scalability, mobility, and reduced project timelines, as each skid is engineered to function seamlessly within a larger process layout.

3.What is Skid Equipment?

Answer: Skid equipment encompasses any type of industrial machinery or processing unit that is mounted on a skid for easy handling and installation. The term highlights the method of mounting and mobilizing the equipment rather than the equipment's specific function. Skid equipment is pre-assembled and often includes all necessary systems for operation, such as electrical wiring, piping, and control systems. This method is widely adopted for its flexibility, ease of integration, and the ability to prefabricate and test the unit before site deployment, enhancing project efficiency and safety.

4.What are Modular Process Plants?

Answer: Modular process plants consist of multiple skid-mounted units or modules that, when combined, form a complete processing facility. Each module is designed for a specific part of the overall process, such as separation, reaction, or purification, and can be shipped and assembled on-site to create a full-scale plant. This modular approach allows for the rapid construction and scaling of processing facilities, with the added benefit of relocating modules if necessary. Modular plants are particularly advantageous in remote or constrained sites, reducing the need for extensive on-site construction and enabling easier future expansions or modifications.

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