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  • PTFE Lined Static Mixer
  • PTFE Lined Static Mixer
  • PTFE Lined Static Mixer
PTFE Lined Static MixerPTFE Lined Static MixerPTFE Lined Static Mixer

PTFE Lined Static Mixer

Market-leading mixing element designs: Supplied with removable STS elements, with adjustable element geometry to meet your specific maximum headloss or maximum overall length requirements.
Available for all pipe sizes: Diameters from as small as DN25 (1″) up to DN150 (6″) as standard with larger diameters available upon request.
Versatile Fluid Handling: Capable of processing fluids with a wide viscosity range, from low to high, accommodating the diverse mixing needs of different industries.

Introduction to PTFE Lined Static Mixers

The integration of PTFE lining in static mixers represents a pivotal advancement in addressing the pressing need for corrosion-resistant mixing solutions across diverse industrial landscapes. This necessity stems from the increasing demand to process corrosive fluids efficiently while maintaining system integrity and product quality. PTFE, with its exceptional chemical inertness, offers an unparalleled solution to corrosion challenges, thereby extending the equipment's lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. The capability to customize material selection and adapt the design to specific process conditions further enhances the static mixer's utility, providing a bespoke solution that aligns with the unique media characteristics and operational demands of each application. This tailored approach ensures that industries benefit from the most effective anti-corrosion mixing solutions, optimizing their processes while safeguarding their investments.

Product Description

The PTFE Lined Static Mixer is ingeniously designed to facilitate efficient mixing of fluids within a compact and robust structure. At its core, the mixer comprises a series of strategically placed mixing elements within a hollow tube, all lined with PTFE to combat corrosive attack. These elements are engineered to induce a fluid dynamic action that continuously alternates the flow direction—rotating left and right—thus achieving thorough radial mixing. This mechanism ensures that fluid at the center is pushed towards the periphery and vice versa, promoting a uniform mixture across the entire flow cross-section. The action at the interfaces of adjacent mixing elements further intensifies the mixing process, ensuring a homogenous output even in the absence of moving parts. This design not only maximizes mixing efficiency but also leverages the PTFE lining to maintain purity and resist corrosive degradation.

Key Features

Our PTFE Lined Static Mixer stands out with its unparalleled design flexibility, ready to meet your diverse process requirements and fluid characteristics head-on. The mixer's adaptability shines, allowing it to handle a broad spectrum of substances from water-thin to high-viscosity fluids seamlessly. At the heart of its design, the PTFE lining plays a pivotal role, significantly enhancing corrosion resistance and safeguarding the purity of your products. This feature is especially crucial in industries where contamination can compromise product quality and safety.

Advantages of Our PTFE Lined Static Mixer

The introduction of our PTFE Lined Static Mixer into your process stream brings a wealth of comprehensive benefits:

Improved Mixing Efficiency: Designed to optimize the mixing process, ensuring a consistent and homogenous mixture across various fluid types and process conditions.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: The PTFE lining offers exceptional protection against corrosive substances, extending the life of the mixer and reducing the risk of equipment degradation.

Suitability for High-Viscosity Fluids: Its robust design comfortably handles fluids across a wide viscosity range, making it a versatile choice for different applications.

Adaptability to Process Types: Whether you're running batch operations or continuous processes, this mixer is designed to integrate smoothly, enhancing process efficiency without compromising on quality.

Energy Efficiency & Low Maintenance: With no moving parts, the static mixer operates efficiently, minimizing energy consumption and reducing the need for frequent maintenance, saving you time and money.


Our PTFE Lined Static Mixer comes with a variety of technical specifications to suit your unique needs:

Available Sizes: Ranging from small diameter units for laboratory applications to large-scale mixers for industrial processes, ensuring there's a perfect fit for your operation.

Material Standards for PTFE Lining: Utilizing only the highest quality PTFE, compliant with industry standards to guarantee compatibility with a vast array of chemicals and ensure long-term durability.

Chemical and Viscosity Range Compatibility: Designed to accommodate fluids with diverse chemical compositions and viscosities, providing you with a reliable mixing solution regardless of the process challenge.

Customization Options: We understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we offer customization options. Tailored to meet specific process conditions, our team is here to design a mixer that aligns perfectly with your operational requirements and standards.

Accessories for Your PTFE Lined Static Mixer

To elevate the performance of your PTFE Lined Static Mixer, we offer a suite of accessories and supplementary components designed to make your mixing process as efficient and seamless as possible:

Injection Ports for Additives: Perfect for integrating additives or catalysts into your process stream, ensuring even distribution without interrupting the flow.

Temperature and Pressure Monitoring Devices: Keep a close eye on your process conditions with our range of monitoring devices, crucial for maintaining optimal operation and ensuring safety.

End Fittings for Easy Integration: Our selection of end fittings ensures that integrating the static mixer into your existing system is a breeze, regardless of the configuration.

Application Across Industries

The versatility of the PTFE Lined Static Mixer makes it a valuable asset across a variety of industries, including:

Chemical Processing: Achieve consistent, high-quality mixtures for a range of chemical reactions, ensuring product integrity and process reliability.

Pharmaceuticals: Maintain the highest standards of purity and consistency in drug formulation and production processes, critical for patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Food and Beverage: Ensure homogenous blending of ingredients, crucial for product quality, taste, and safety in food processing applications.

Water Treatment: Facilitate efficient chemical mixing for water purification processes, ensuring safe and clean water supply.

Examples of Specific Processes

Emulsification: Create stable emulsions for pharmaceuticals or food products, enhancing texture and consistency.

Neutralization: Effortlessly mix acids and bases for neutralization reactions, crucial in chemical manufacturing and wastewater treatment.

Heat Transfer Enhancement: Improve the efficiency of heat exchangers by ensuring uniform temperature distribution within the fluid.

Reaction Processes: Facilitate controlled chemical reactions by ensuring thorough mixing of reactants, optimizing yield and process efficiency.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.How do I choose the right PTFE Lined Static Mixer for my process?

Answer: Consider the fluid properties (viscosity, corrosivity, temperature), the operational environment, and specific process requirements (flow rate, pressure). Our team is here to help you navigate these considerations, ensuring you select the perfect mixer for your needs.

2.Any installation tips for ensuring optimal performance?

Answer: Proper alignment and secure mounting are key. Also, ensure that the mixer is integrated into your system without inducing unnecessary stress on the unit. For specific installation guidance, our team is always ready to assist!

3.What routine maintenance should I perform?

Answer: Regularly check the mixer for signs of wear or corrosion, especially at connections and within the mixing elements. Keeping the unit clean and monitoring process parameters will help maintain its performance and longevity.

4.How can I troubleshoot common issues?

Answer: If you encounter unexpected pressure drops, inadequate mixing, or material compatibility issues, first review your process conditions and mixer specifications. Our customer support team is always on standby to provide expert advice and troubleshooting assistance.

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