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Enterprise capabilities

As a professional manufacturer with a wealth of solutions in extreme application environments and reliable equipment operation, Beant, relying on its profound technical R&D capability, robust equipment processing strength, and comprehensive after-sales service system, has won the trust of numerous customers.

Since its inception, Beant has served more than 25,000 industrial enterprises.

Designing ability

  • Pressure vessel design calculation software-SW6-2011
  • ASME design calculation software-PV-Elite-2011
  • Mechanical drawing software-AutoCAD-2010
  • 3D simulation software-SolidWorks-2011

Manufacturing Capacity

  • Workshop Corner
  • Hoisting Workshop
  • Factory Tour
  • Factory Tour
  • Equipment Machinery
  • Operation Office
  • Equipment Exhibition
  • Production Workshop
  • Production Workshop
  • Production Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Equipment Workshop

Quality Assurance

  • ASME-U Post Certificate
  • CE-qualification
  • Quality System Certificate