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Top 10 Lined Tank Manufacturers In The World 2024

Top 10 Lined Tank Manufacturers In The World


Have you ever considered the vital role that lined tanks play in today's industrial landscape? From maintaining the purity of drinking water to safely transporting hazardous chemicals, lined tanks are pivotal in many sectors. They are the unsung heroes in pharmaceuticals, food production, water treatment plants, and energy fields, where they store and protect various substances from contamination and corrosion.

Selecting the world's top lined tank manufacturers isn't merely about who has the largest facilities; it's about recognizing the trailblazers who consistently bring innovation, quality, and comprehensive customer service to the table. But how do we measure such excellence? It comes down to their innovative drive, the durability and reliability of their products, their global reach, and responsiveness to clients' needs. The manufacturers that make our list not only meet these criteria but surpass them, setting new industry standards and paving the way for a future of robust, sustainable storage solutions. They don't just sell tanks; they deliver peace of mind with every product.

1. Caldwell Tanks, Inc.


Brief History and Background of the Company

Founded at the precipice of the Industrial Revolution, Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has been a steadfast pillar in the construction of storage tanks since 1887. With well over a century of experience, they resonate with the historical evolution of industrial storage solutions, standing as monuments to progress, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Overview of Products and Services

Caldwell Tanks, Inc. spans an impressive array of products, from elevated water tanks to dry bulk storage silos. The company's portfolio shines in technological versatility, encompassing ground storage tanks, thermal energy storage tanks, and industrial field-erected tanks, tailored to meet various industry requirements.

Notable Achievements or Recognitions

Renowned for their engineering feats, Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has left a mark on key infrastructure projects across the nation, lifting community standards through impactful collaborations.

WebsiteCaldwell Tanks, Inc.
Type of BusinessIndustrial Storage Tanks Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters)Louisville, KY, USA
Year EstablishedReference year: 1887
Main MarketsMunicipal, Industrial, Commercial sectors across North America

The company’s storied history and consistent innovation set a standard in the tank manufacturing industry that few can match. 

2. Heatec, Inc. (A part of Astec Industries)


Company Background and Relationship with Astec Industries

Heatec, Inc. operates under the robust industrial umbrella of Astec Industries. Since its inception, Heatec has been synonymous with unmatched quality and innovation in the realm of heaters and heating systems. Astec's acquisition signifies an expansion of technological resources and a broader service spectrum for Heatec, amplifying its capabilities and market presence.

Highlight on Heater Products and Specializations

Specializing in heating solutions for a diverse array of industries, Heatec takes pride in its portfolio which includes hot oil heaters, reboilers, and heat recovery generators. With a steadfast focus on advancements in thermal fluid technology, Heatec continues to lead in the design and manufacture of efficient and durable heating systems.

Contributions to the Industry and Client Base

Heatec’s contributions transcend mere product delivery — they are a partner in their clients' journeys to achieve energy efficiency and operational excellence. Their resolve to push the frontiers of heater technology has made them an invaluable ally to their vast clientele.

WebsiteHeatec, Inc.
Type of BusinessHeaters and Heating Systems Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters)Chattanooga, TN, USA
Year EstablishedReference year: 1972
Main MarketsConstruction, Industrial, Petroleum sectors globally

With a resolute commitment to technological prowess and customer satisfaction, Heatec's remarkable durability and performance standards allow users to meet their heating needs with confidence and efficiency.

3. Imperial Industries, Inc.


Historical Background and Areas of Expertise

Rooted in over 42 years of innovation, Imperial Industries, Inc. proudly stands as a guiding star in the realm of bulk storage and handling equipment. Originating in Wausau, WI, this company has grown exponentially, leveraging deep industry knowledge to serve a diverse spectrum of sectors, from agricultural to industrial and commercial markets.

Description of Product Range and Custom Solutions

Imperial Industries is celebrated for its extensive range of products including silos, storage tanks, and integrated handling systems, all designed to accommodate the unique demands of bulk material handling. Their commitment to delivering bespoke solutions ensures that every client's specific requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

Key Differentiators and Market Presence

What sets Imperial Industries apart is not only its breadth of product offerings but also its dedication to quality and service. This, combined with a strong market presence, underlines its role as a pivotal provider of industrial storage solutions.

WebsiteImperial Industries, Inc.
Type of BusinessBulk Storage and Handling Equipment Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters)Wausau, WI, USA
Year EstablishedReference year: 1980
Main MarketsIndustrial, Commercial, Agricultural

Imperial’s personalized approach to offering tailored storage solutions distinguishes them in a crowded marketplace. Add to this their steadfast dedication to quality, and it becomes evident why they’ve cultivated such a strong presence across diverse industries.

4. Bertschi



Bertschi, a global player in logistics, focuses on delivering premium services to its clients. Originating from Switzerland, Bertschi has cultivated expertise in various logistic domains, prominently in Chemical Logistics. Lined tank offerings from Bertschi have revolutionized the industry, providing reliable and efficient solutions to intricate logistic challenges.

Sustainability Initiatives

Bertschi takes proactive steps towards embedding sustainable practices in its business operations. Reflecting its commitment to the environment, various green logistics initiatives have been implemented across its global footprint.

Brief History and Background

Since its inception, Bertschi has achieved numerous milestones and has grown significantly to establish a global presence. It has ceaselessly strived to create value for its customers, resulting in recognitions and achievements that have further solidified its market position.

Overview of Products and Services

Providing a comprehensive logistics solution, Bertschi's offerings span multiple sectors. From managing bulk and chemical logistics to providing digital solutions for supply chains, Bertschi is a trusted partner for diverse logistics requirements.

Type of BusinessGlobal Logistics
Location (Headquarters)Durrenasch, Switzerland
Year Established1956 (Approx)
Main MarketsEurope, Asia, Americas

Their initiatives towards sustainability further enhance the company's appeal. The lined tank offerings have, in particular, been an excellent solution to logistic challenges and have been a reliable choice consistently. 

5. Stolt-Nielsen



Stolt-Nielsen stands as a formidable name in the realms of bulk-liquid logistics and aquaculture, demonstrating a robust portfolio that encompasses a range of specialized services. This international provider has carved its niche by delivering efficient and innovative logistics solutions that are tailored to meet the complex demands of its clients.

Brief History and Background

With a history that speaks volumes about its growth and resilience, Stolt-Nielsen has been pivotal in setting industry benchmarks since its establishment. The company has consistently expanded its global footprint, underlining its commitment to excellence and innovation in the logistics sphere.

Overview of Products and Services

Stolt-Nielsen's service spectrum is broad, with a significant emphasis on lined tank services. These offerings are not just about logistic solutions; they are about pushing the envelope in technology and service delivery. Their lined tanks are equipped with cutting-edge innovations to ensure the safe and efficient transport of bulk liquids.

Type of BusinessBulk-Liquid Logistics, Aquaculture
Location (Headquarters)London, United Kingdom
Year Established1959 (Approx)
Main MarketsGlobal

Their lined tank services, pivotal in the safe and efficient transport of bulk liquids, reflect their commitment to quality and safety. The company's strategic global operations enable it to offer unmatched flexibility and reach, making it a reliable partner for businesses worldwide. Their achievements in both bulk-liquid logistics and aquaculture showcase a firm not only leading in its field but also setting the pace for future developments.

6.VTG Tanktainer


VTG is a key player in the rail transport and tanktainer sectors, known for its expansive reach and top-quality service.

The company specializes in lined tank solutions, providing transport services that extend beyond the norms. With their lined tanks, they assure the safe and efficient transportation of goods, showing their expertise in handling intricate logistics requirements. Such proficiency in transportation solutions is a testament to VTG's dedication to excellence.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability and innovation, VTG continuously adapts to the evolving needs of the transport industry. Digital innovations have been integral to their operations, enabling them to streamline processes, enhance performance, and minimize environmental impact.

Here's a brief history and rundown of VTG's portfolio:

VTG was established with the mission of revolutionizing the rail transport and tanktainer sectors. Over the years, they have launched an array of products and services targeted at resolving complex transport demands. Their illustrious history is marked with notable recognitions and achievements, further establishing their reputation as an industry leader.

Type of BusinessRail Transport and Tanktainer Service Provider
Location (Headquarters)Hamburg, Germany
Year EstablishedEst. 1951
Main MarketsEurope, North America, Asia

Coupled with their digital innovations, VTG consistently delivers reliable, efficient services that outstrip customer expectations. Their in-depth understanding of industry intricacies, paired with their unwavering commitment to sustainability, gives them a competitive edge.

7. DCI, Inc.


DCI, Inc. has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the fabrication of stainless steel processing tanks and equipment. Their journey reflects a dedication to quality and innovation.

Specializing in custom fabrications, DCI, Inc.'s products find application across various industries, from pharmaceuticals to dairy. Their ability to tailor solutions to specific client needs underlines their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Over the years, DCI, Inc. has garnered recognition and awards that highlight its excellence in design, manufacturing, and service. This acclaim attests to their status as industry leaders.

Here's a concise look into DCI, Inc.'s history and service offerings:

With its origins rooted in a passion for engineering excellence, DCI, Inc. has grown to become a beacon of innovation in stainless steel tank manufacturing. Their remarkable list of products and services has continually evolved to meet and exceed industry standards. Acknowledged with numerous awards, DCI, Inc. standouts for its contributions and steadfast commitment to quality.

WebsiteDCI, Inc.
Type of BusinessStainless Steel Processing Tanks and Equipment Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters)Saint Cloud, MN, USA
Year EstablishedApprox. 1955
Main MarketsGlobal

Their dedication to delivering custom solutions that cater to specific industrial needs is exceptional. 

8. Alloy Products Corp.


Alloy Products Corp. is renowned for its specialization in ASME stainless steel pressure vessels, contributing significantly to numerous industry sectors with its quality-centric products.

Known for customization, they offer tank products in various sizes and specifications, designed to align with the unique operational needs of their clientele. Their versatility in product variation is complemented by an ability to secure industry-specific certifications, an assurance of their commitment to the highest quality standards.

Established with the goal of providing exceptional pressure vessel solutions, Alloy Products Corp. stands as a testament to meticulous design and manufacturing services, earning recognition for their disciplined approach to engineering and customer service.

Here's a snapshot of Alloy Products Corp.'s background and offerings:

Alloy Products Corp.'s history is marked by a consistent pursuit of excellence. Their diverse range of pressure vessels and superior service provision has positioned them as a leader amongst peers. Recognitions for their innovations in tank production underscore their industry stature.

WebsiteAlloy Products Corp.
Type of BusinessPressure Vessels Manufacturer
Location (Headquarters)Waukesha, WI, USA
Year EstablishedEst. 1929
Main MarketsPharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Food and Dairy Industries, etc.

Alloy Products Corp. stands as a distinguished provider, equipping industries with vessels crafted for integrity and endurance. Their ability to navigate complex certification processes translates to a product line that meets precise industry standards.

9. Midwest Tank


Midwest Tank is a name synonymous with customized tank manufacturing that caters to a breadth of industries with its innovative solutions.

The company’s expertise in working with an array of materials and its design flexibility stands out in the industry. Their portfolio, which showcases an impressive capacity to engineer both standard storage units and complex vessels, embodies their mission to solve even the most challenging storage needs.

Midwest Tank's history is rich with milestones that reflect their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This dedication has resulted in a string of notable achievements and laudable projects that have solidified their reputation as a leading tank manufacturer.

Here's an encapsulated view of their legacy and accomplishments:

From its inception, Midwest Tank has forged a trail of excellence in custom tank manufacturing. Their diverse product array is complemented by their industry-wide recognitions and esteemed project partnerships.

WebsiteMidwest Tank
Type of BusinessCustom Tank and Vessel Fabrication
Location (Headquarters)Big Lake, MN, USA
Year EstablishedEst. 1972
Main MarketsNorth America

The company's versatility in material capability and design allows for an impressive range of applications, making it an ideal partner for businesses seeking specialized solutions.

10. Augusta Fiberglass


Augusta Fiberglass positions itself as a frontrunner in the realm of fiberglass tank and pipe manufacturing, delivering industry-leading solutions since its foundation.

Beyond their manufacturing prowess, it is their customization capabilities that set them apart. Augusta Fiberglass is adept at tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of various industrial applications, including chemical processing, water treatment, and environmental services.

Their environmental contributions are notable as well. The company’s innovation in creating products that contribute to environmental protection efforts speaks volumes about their commitment to sustainability.

Here’s a concise snapshot of Augusta Fiberglass and its remarkable journey:

Established with a vision to innovate in the fiberglass manufacturing industry, Augusta Fiberglass has garnished a reputation for delivering superior quality products. Their journey is adorned with notable achievements and recognitions that underscore their expertise and dedication to excellence.

WebsiteAugusta Fiberglass
Type of BusinessFiberglass Tank and Pipe Manufacturing
Location (Headquarters)Blackville, SC, USA
Year EstablishedEst. 1974
Main MarketsChemical, Environmental, Water Treatment Industries

The company's commitment to technological innovation and environmental sustainability cements its reputation as a trusted partner for fiberglass manufacturing needs.


In recapping the exceptional qualities and contributions of these top 10 lined tank manufacturers, their collective prowess in innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions stands tall. From Caldwell Tanks’ storied history to Augusta Fiberglass’s commitment to sustainability, each manufacturer brings a unique strength to the table, driving the industry forward.

But what does the future hold for the lined tank manufacturing industry? As demands for safer, more reliable, and environmentally conscious solutions grow, these manufacturers are not just poised to meet these needs—they are ready to redefine them. Their ongoing dedication to advancing industry standards and championing sustainability ensures their pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of lined tank manufacturing.

With such a dynamic and committed group leading the charge, the outlook for the lined tank manufacturing industry is not just promising; it's groundbreaking.