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Candle Filter

Applicable Media: Acids, bases, organic solvents, and various corrosive substances.
Operating Pressure: -0.098MPa to +2.5MPa.
Operating Temperature: -100°C to +180°C.
Manufacturing Standards: The Candle Filters are manufactured in compliance with key industry standards including GB150-2011, HG/T21637-1991, and ASME, guaranteeing quality, safety, and reliability in their construction and performance.

Introduction to Candle Filters

The DS-BG series Candle Filters represent a significant advancement in filtration technology. As fully automatic self-cleaning filters, they are designed for uninterrupted operation, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance shutdowns. This innovative design significantly reduces manual cleaning efforts and negates the necessity for periodic filter element replacement, thus ensuring continuous production processes. Particularly beneficial in high-risk operational environments and scenarios unsuitable for conventional metal filters, these systems are widely applied in industries requiring stringent purity levels and operational reliability.

Detailed Description

The working principle of Candle Filters centers on their capability to automatically regenerate filtering elements, making them an ideal solution for continuous industrial processes. The operation involves:

Filtration Process: Liquid media enters the filter from the outside and passes through the filter medium from the exterior to the interior. Particles larger than the filter pores are trapped, forming a filter cake on the surface of the medium. This cake acts to capture finer particles through bridging mechanisms.

Automatic Regeneration: Upon reaching a predetermined pressure differential, indicating significant particle accumulation, the system automatically initiates a regeneration cycle. This involves closing the inlet and outlet fluid valves, introducing compressed gas to dry the cake, and performing back-blowing to remove the cake and regenerate the filter medium.

Comprehensive Functionality: Within its housing, the Candle Filter performs multiple functions including filtration, washing, and dry slag discharge. This multifunctional approach ensures thorough processing of the media, adhering to GMP standards crucial for pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, where hygiene and purity are paramount.

Key Features of Candle Filters

Automatic Regeneration: One of the standout features of Candle Filters is their ability to automatically regenerate filter elements, facilitating continuous operation without the need for manual cleaning. This feature ensures minimal downtime and intervention, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

Comprehensive Filtration: These filters are designed to perform multiple functions within a single system, including filtering, washing, and drying slags. This multifunctionality streamlines the filtration process, making it more efficient and reducing the need for separate equipment for each stage of filtration.

Hygienic Design: Candle Filters are engineered with a focus on hygiene, meeting the high production standards required in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Their design features easy-to-clean surfaces and components, ensuring that the filters maintain a high level of cleanliness and contamination control.

Advantages Of Our Candle Filters

High Purity Filtration: Candle Filters are capable of achieving high purity filtration, making them particularly suitable for industries such as photovoltaics, where the highest standards of purity are essential. The filters’ efficiency in removing particulates ensures the production of high-quality outputs.

Continuous Thickening: The ability to perform continuous thickening allows these filters to recirculate solids back into the liquid, facilitating their discharge in slurry form. This feature is invaluable in processes requiring uninterrupted filtration and efficient management of solid wastes.

Versatile Applications: Designed to be adaptable, Candle Filters are ideal for use in high-risk environments and scenarios where conventional metal filters are not suitable. Their robustness and ability to handle various corrosive media make them versatile for a wide range of industrial applications.


Equipment Type:  The Candle Filters come in various types, including bag filters and cartridge filters, to suit different filtration needs. The choice between these options allows for customization based on the specific requirements of the filtration process.


Shell Materials: Options include carbon steel for durability, stainless steel 304/316L for corrosion resistance, titanium alloy for high strength and resistance to aggressive chemicals, and duplex stainless steel 2205 for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.

Lining Materials: The filters offer lining materials such as PO, PTFE, ETFE, and PFA, each chosen for their chemical resistance properties. This variety ensures that the filters can be tailored to handle specific media effectively.

Discharge Mechanisms: Featuring innovative discharge mechanisms, the filters facilitate both dry and wet discharge of filtered solids. This flexibility is made possible through the use of reverse pressure blowback, enabling efficient cake removal and ensuring the filter elements are effectively regenerated for subsequent use.

Accessories for Candle Filters

Candle Filters are equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories designed to enhance their functionality and adaptability across various industrial applications:

Motors and Reducers: To cater to the diverse operational needs of pumps and agitators within filtration systems, Candle Filters offer options for explosion-proof and variable frequency motors. These ensure safety in potentially hazardous environments and allow for precise control over process conditions. Additionally, cycloidal and secondary wheel reducers are available to accommodate the specific mechanical requirements of different setups, providing reliable and efficient torque and speed adjustments.

Filtration Accuracy: With a broad spectrum of filtration accuracies ranging from 0.1um to 50um, Candle Filters can meet precise filtration needs. This versatility allows for the effective removal of particulate matter of varying sizes, ensuring the purity of the processed media and the protection of downstream equipment.

Cleaning and Discharge Options: The filters feature innovative blowback and discharge systems designed for ease of maintenance and operational efficiency. These systems facilitate the quick and easy removal of accumulated solids, enabling the filters to be rapidly prepared for subsequent filtration cycles without significant downtime.


Candle Filters find extensive applications across a variety of industries, highlighting their versatility and effectiveness:

Chemical Production: In the chemical industry, these filters play a vital role in removing impurities from raw materials and products, protecting sensitive process equipment, and ensuring the quality of chemical outputs.

Pulp and Paper: In pulp and paper manufacturing, Candle Filters are used to clarify process waters and chemicals, contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of production processes.

Food Processing: The filters ensure the safety and purity of food products by removing particulates from ingredients, processing aids, and final products, aligning with stringent hygiene standards.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Given the high purity requirements in semiconductor fabrication, Candle Filters are crucial for filtering process chemicals and gases, thereby preventing contamination that could affect product quality.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.How often do Candle Filters require maintenance?

Answer: Candle Filters are designed for low maintenance requirements, thanks to their automatic cleaning and regeneration capabilities. However, routine inspections and occasional cleaning, aligned with the manufacturer's recommendations, are advisable to ensure optimal performance.

2.Are Candle Filters compatible with all types of chemicals?

Answer: While Candle Filters are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, specific compatibility depends on the materials of construction, including the shell and lining materials. It's important to consult the chemical compatibility chart provided by the manufacturer when selecting a filter for a particular application.

3.Can Candle Filters be customized for specific processes?

Answer: Yes, customization options are available for Candle Filters to meet specific processing requirements. This includes selecting appropriate materials for the shell and linings, choosing suitable motors and reducers, and specifying the desired filtration accuracy.

4.What should I do if the filter's performance decreases?

Answer: If a decrease in performance is observed, check for clogs in the filter elements, inspect seals and gaskets for integrity, and ensure that the blowback and discharge systems are functioning correctly. For more complex issues, consulting the manufacturer's troubleshooting guide or contacting technical support is recommended.

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