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  • PTFE Lined Agitator
  • PTFE Lined Agitator
  • PTFE Lined Agitator
  • PTFE Lined Agitator
PTFE Lined AgitatorPTFE Lined AgitatorPTFE Lined AgitatorPTFE Lined Agitator

PTFE Lined Agitator

Chemical Corrosion Resistance: The PTFE lining provides excellent chemical resistance, preventing corrosion even when exposed to aggressive chemicals, thus maintaining the purity and integrity of the mixtures.

Extended Operational Lifespan: The incorporation of PTFE not only protects the agitator from chemical attacks but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance, enhancing its overall operational lifespan.

Efficiency in Mixing Processes: Ensures thorough and homogeneous mixing, critical for the quality and consistency of the product, across different sectors such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries.


The advent of PTFE lining technology marks a significant milestone in the evolution of mixing equipment. PTFE's unparalleled chemical inertness and thermal stability have revolutionized the design of agitators, enabling them to withstand aggressive chemical environments and high temperatures without compromising integrity or efficiency. This breakthrough has been particularly transformative in the chemical industry, where the demand for reliable, corrosion-resistant mixing solutions is paramount. PTFE Lined Agitators offer not just a solution to corrosion and material degradation but also enhance process efficiency, ensuring homogeneous mixing outcomes across various applications.

Product Description

The PTFE Lined Agitator is meticulously engineered, featuring a robust assembly of a motor, reducer, precision-crafted blades, a sturdy shaft, and, most notably, a PTFE lining that encapsulates the interior surfaces exposed to the process material. This comprehensive design ensures optimal performance, longevity, and safety. The operational mechanism of the PTFE Lined Agitator is designed to promote forced convection, facilitating uniform mixing and preventing material stratification.

Diverse in its offerings, the PTFE Lined Agitator comes in several types to cater to different mixing needs:

Turbine Agitators: Characterized by 2 to 4 flat or curved blades mounted on a horizontal disc, these agitators generate a high level of turbulence and radial flow, making them ideal for gas dispersion and liquid-liquid reactions, suitable for medium with viscosities up to 25 Pa·s.

Propeller Agitators: Comprising 2 to 3 propeller blades, these agitators operate at high speeds, producing axial flow patterns conducive to mixing low viscosity liquids, emulsions, and suspensions with solid contents under 10%.

Paddle Agitators: Available in flat and pitched varieties, paddle agitators are designed for simple structure, producing radial flow with smaller velocities, perfect for mixing low viscosity liquids and dissolving or suspending solids.

Anchor Agitators: With blades that conform to the vessel's inner walls, anchor agitators excel in moving highly viscous Newtonian and pseudoplastic fluids, ensuring thorough wall scraping and optimal heat transfer.

Helical Agitators: Designed for high viscosity liquids (200 to 500 Pa·s) and pseudoplastic fluids, operating predominantly in laminar flow conditions, these agitators are tailored for challenging mixing scenarios.

Key Features of the PTFE Lined Agitator

The PTFE Lined Agitator distinguishes itself through several unique features, making it an essential asset in demanding industrial environments:

PTFE Lining for Chemical Resistance: The agitator's interior surfaces are coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), granting it exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals. This feature ensures that the agitator can withstand corrosive substances without degradation, maintaining integrity and performance over time.

Variety in Agitator Types: To accommodate diverse mixing needs, the PTFE Lined Agitator is available in multiple types, including turbine, propeller, paddle, anchor, and helical designs. Each type is engineered to generate specific flow patterns, making them suitable for various applications from gentle blending to rigorous dispersion.

Design Flexibility for Customized Applications: Recognizing the unique requirements of different industries, the PTFE Lined Agitator offers design flexibility. Customers can specify dimensions, materials, and configurations, ensuring the agitator meets their precise mixing needs.

Capability to Handle Extreme Conditions: Engineered for resilience, the agitator operates effectively under extreme conditions, including high temperatures and harsh corrosive environments. This robustness makes it ideal for challenging industrial processes.

Advantages of Using a PTFE Lined Agitator

The employment of a PTFE Lined Agitator within industrial operations brings forth numerous advantages:

Improved Product Quality: The agitator's efficient and uniform mixing capability ensures high-quality output, crucial in sectors where consistency and purity are paramount.

Increased Safety: With its chemical-resistant properties and robust design, the PTFE Lined Agitator minimizes the risk of leaks and spills, enhancing workplace safety.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durability and corrosion resistance of PTFE reduce the need for frequent replacements and repairs, leading to lower long-term maintenance costs.

Enhanced Durability: The agitator's PTFE coating and high-quality materials contribute to its long service life, even in the most demanding applications.

Purity of Mixed Materials: The inert nature of PTFE ensures that the agitator does not contaminate the materials being mixed, maintaining their purity.

Specifications of the PTFE Lined Agitator

The technical specifications of the PTFE Lined Agitator underscore its versatility and performance capabilities:

Size and Capacity: Available in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different volume requirements, from small-scale laboratory applications to large industrial processes.

Speed: The agitator's speed is adjustable, catering to different mixing intensities and material properties. Custom speed settings are also available to match specific process needs.

Material Compatibility: Besides PTFE, the agitator can be fabricated from a selection of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium, chosen for their compatibility with the process media.

Operating Conditions: Designed to perform under a wide range of temperatures and pressures, the agitator is suited for various industrial environments.

Customizable Options: Tailored configurations are offered to meet specific processing requirements, including agitator blade design, motor power, and additional features for enhanced functionality.

Accessories for the PTFE Lined Agitator

To maximize the functionality and efficiency of the PTFE Lined Agitator, a range of accessories and add-ons are available, designed to meet specific operational needs:

Variable Speed Drives: Allow for precise control over the agitator's speed, accommodating a wide range of materials and mixing requirements. This flexibility is essential for processes requiring careful handling of shear-sensitive materials or for applications where the mixing intensity needs to be varied.

Seal Options: A variety of sealing solutions are offered to ensure compatibility with different processing environments. Options include mechanical seals for high-pressure applications and lip seals for simpler, less demanding tasks. Specialized seals are also available for extreme temperatures and corrosive substances.

Temperature Control Systems: For processes requiring precise temperature management, jacketed vessels and external cooling or heating systems can be integrated with the agitator. These accessories are crucial for maintaining optimal conditions for chemical reactions or for preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive materials.

Monitoring Sensors: Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for real-time monitoring of pressure, temperature, and viscosity, these tools provide valuable data that can be used to optimize the mixing process and ensure product consistency.

Application of the PTFE Lined Agitator

The PTFE Lined Agitator is instrumental across a multitude of industries, owing to its robust design and versatile functionality:

Chemical Production: In the manufacturing of acids, solvents, and other chemicals, the agitator's chemical resistance and efficient mixing capabilities are invaluable for ensuring product uniformity and process safety.

Pharmaceuticals: For the precise mixing requirements of drug formulation, where contamination must be avoided, the inert nature of PTFE lining ensures that product integrity is maintained.

Food and Beverage: The agitator is used in the preparation of mixtures, emulsions, and suspensions, where its hygienic design and ease of cleaning support compliance with food safety standards.

Environmental Management: In water treatment and waste management processes, the agitator assists in the dispersion of gases in liquids and the maintenance of homogeneous suspensions, crucial for efficient environmental remediation efforts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.How do I choose the right PTFE Lined Agitator for my process?

Answer: Consider the nature of the materials to be mixed, the scale of the operation, and specific process requirements such as temperature, pressure, and viscosity. Consulting with a specialist can help identify the most suitable agitator type and configuration.

2.What maintenance is required for a PTFE Lined Agitator?

Answer: Regular inspections should be performed to ensure the integrity of the PTFE lining and mechanical components. Maintenance routines will depend on the agitator's design and operational conditions but typically include lubrication of moving parts, seal checks, and occasional cleaning.

3.Can the PTFE Lined Agitator be customized for unique applications?

Answer: Yes, customization options are available to meet specific process needs, including alterations to the agitator's size, motor power, mixing blades, and additional features like temperature control systems or special seals.

4.What steps can be taken to optimize the use of my agitator?

Answer: Ensure the agitator is correctly sized and configured for your process. Utilize variable speed controls to adjust the mixing intensity as needed and take advantage of monitoring sensors to make real-time adjustments for optimal mixing results.

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