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  • Fluorine-Lined Elbow
  • Fluorine-Lined Elbow
  • Fluorine-Lined Elbow
Fluorine-Lined ElbowFluorine-Lined ElbowFluorine-Lined Elbow

Fluorine-Lined Elbow

Applicable Media: Suitable for various concentrations of acids, bases, strong oxidizers, and aqua regia.
Operating Pressure: -0.098MPa to +2.5MPa.
Operating Temperature: -100°C to +180°C.
Manufacturing Standards: HG/T 21562-94, HG/T 4088-2009.

Introduction to Fluorine-Lined Elbows

Fluorine-Lined Elbows represent a leap in piping technology, specially designed for corrosive environments where traditional materials fall short. These elbows are produced using a state-of-the-art one-piece molding process that embeds a high-density PTFE lining directly inside the steel structure. This advanced manufacturing technique results in elbows with smooth internal surfaces and uniform thickness throughout, significantly enhancing their performance in systems transporting corrosive media. By combining the mechanical strength of steel with the chemical resistance of PTFE, these elbows offer an innovative solution for challenging industrial applications.

Detailed Description

The molding process for creating Fluorine-Lined Elbows is meticulous and precise, ensuring a seamless integration of the PTFE lining with the steel elbow. This seamless construction is critical for several reasons: it eliminates weak points that could become susceptible to leaks or corrosion, ensures that there is no need for additional welding, and guarantees uniform liner thickness—about 10mm—across the elbow. This thickness not only contributes to the elbow's durability and resilience but also ensures that the liner can withstand significant mechanical stress without deforming or cracking. The process culminates in a product that combines the robustness of steel with the superior chemical resistance of PTFE, providing a long-lasting solution for corrosive fluid transport.

Key Features

High Chemical Resistance: Fluorine-Lined Elbows are virtually impervious to a broad spectrum of corrosive substances. Their capability to handle various concentrations of acids, bases, and strong oxidizers makes them an ideal choice for complex chemical processing applications.

Permeation Resistance: The dense PTFE lining effectively blocks the permeation of small molecule gases, such as oxygen and chlorine. This feature is particularly important in processes where the purity of the transported media must be preserved, preventing contamination and ensuring the integrity of the system.

Smooth Surface: The inner surface of the elbows is remarkably smooth, reducing flow resistance and preventing the adhesion of media. This characteristic not only enhances the efficiency of fluid transport but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Long Service Life: Designed with longevity in mind, Fluorine-Lined Elbows are built to last over a decade, even in the most demanding environments. Their construction minimizes the need for frequent replacements, offering a cost-effective solution over the long term.

Advantages Of Our Fluorine-Lined Elbows

Broad Media Compatibility: Fluorine-Lined Elbows are engineered to transport a wide array of highly corrosive substances, including strong acids, bases, and oxidizers. This compatibility ensures that the piping system can handle diverse industrial applications without the risk of contamination or material degradation, safeguarding the integrity of both the product and the system.

Leak Resistance: The high-density PTFE lining, coupled with its uniform thickness, provides an exceptional leak-proof barrier. This robust construction guarantees reliable performance under conditions of high mechanical stress and aggressive chemical exposure, significantly reducing the risk of leaks and associated environmental or safety hazards.

Ease of Installation: The seamless design of Fluorine-Lined Elbows, devoid of any requirement for additional gaskets, facilitates a straightforward and efficient installation process. This inherent feature of natural sealing simplifies the assembly of complex piping networks, saving time and reducing potential points of failure.

Durability and Strength: The meticulous engineering of these elbows ensures a uniform lining thickness, enhancing the structural integrity of the piping system. This uniformity contributes to the long-term durability and strength of the system, ensuring reliable operation and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.


Fluorine-Lined Elbows are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate various requirements of industrial piping systems:

Diameters: Ranging from DN25 to DN600, catering to small to large-scale operations.

Angles: Including standard 45° and 90° elbows, with custom angles available upon request to navigate complex piping layouts.

Lining Thickness: Approximately 10mm, providing a sturdy and durable barrier against corrosive media.

Lengths: Customizable to fit specific system configurations and ensure seamless integration into existing pipelines.

Fluorine lined elbow lining thickness

                NO.                Minimum lining thickness (mm)                NO.                Minimum lining thickness (mm)
DN25 4.0±0.3 DN125 6.0±0.3
DN32 4.0±0.3 DN150 7.0±0.3
DN40 5.0±0.3 DN200 8.0±0.3
DN50 5.0±0.3 DN250 10.0±0.3
DN65 5.0±0.3 DN300 10.0±0.3
DN80 6.0±0.3 DN350 12.0±0.3
DN100 6.0±0.3 DN400 15.0±0.3


To complement the Fluorine-Lined Elbows and provide a fully integrated solution, a variety of compatible accessories are available:

Fluorine-Lined Pipes: Offered in various lengths and diameters to create a cohesive, corrosion-resistant pipeline.

Tees and Crosses: Essential for branching pipelines, available with the same high-quality fluorine lining.

Flanges: Designed to facilitate easy connection and disassembly within the piping system, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

Gaskets and Fasteners: Specifically selected to match the chemical resistance and temperature range of the fluorine-lined components, ensuring a leak-proof system.

Application of Fluorine-Lined Elbows

Fluorine-Lined Elbows are pivotal in a multitude of industries where the transport of corrosive media is a regular necessity. Their broad chemical compatibility and robust construction make them indispensable for:

Chemical Processing: In the production and handling of industrial chemicals, these elbows are essential for directing flow safely in systems that process acids, bases, and solvents.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Ensuring the purity of materials is critical. Fluorine-lined elbows prevent contamination and withstand the harsh cleaning agents used in the manufacturing processes.

Water Treatment: These elbows are used in water treatment facilities to manage chlorine, sulfuric acid, and other treatment chemicals without compromising the integrity of the piping system.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: The production of semiconductors involves highly corrosive chemicals for etching and cleaning. Fluorine-lined elbows allow for the safe transport of these substances, maintaining the high purity required.

Food and Beverage Industry: Though less corrosive, the industry benefits from the hygienic and non-reactive nature of fluorine-lined elbows to transport various food-grade substances.


Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.Are fluorine-lined elbows compatible with all chemicals?

Answer: While fluorine-lined elbows offer broad chemical compatibility, extreme conditions or specific chemicals may require consultation with the manufacturer to ensure optimal material selection and performance.

2.What are the installation procedures for fluorine-lined elbows?

Answer: Installation involves standard piping practices, ensuring proper alignment and support. It's crucial to avoid overtightening to prevent damage to the lining.

3.Can fluorine-lined elbows be customized for specific applications?

Answer: Yes, manufacturers often provide customization options including different sizes, angles, and liner thicknesses to meet specific system requirements.

4.How should I maintain fluorine-lined elbows to ensure longevity?

Answer: Regular inspections for signs of wear or chemical damage are recommended. Avoid mechanical impact and ensure the system operates within the specified temperature and pressure ranges to maximize service life.

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