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  • Fluorine Lined Four-Way  / cross
  • Fluorine Lined Four-Way  / cross
  • Fluorine Lined Four-Way  / cross
  • Fluorine Lined Four-Way  / cross
Fluorine Lined Four-Way  / crossFluorine Lined Four-Way  / crossFluorine Lined Four-Way  / crossFluorine Lined Four-Way  / cross

Fluorine Lined Four-Way / cross

Applicable Media: Acids, bases, organic solvents, and various corrosive substances; pH range 1-14.
PH Compatibility: Effective across a wide pH range from 1 to 14, accommodating both highly acidic and basic environments.
Working Pressure: -0.098MPa to +2.5MPa.
Working Temperature: -100°C to +180°C.
Manufacturing Standards: HG/T 21562-94, HG/T 4088-2009.

Introduction to Fluorine Lined Four-Way/Cross

The Fluorine Lined Four-Way/Cross represents a leap forward in piping solutions for highly corrosive environments. Engineered with precision, these fittings integrate seamlessly into complex piping systems, ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest conditions. By leveraging advanced fluoropolymer linings, these four-way/cross fittings offer unparalleled resistance to a broad spectrum of chemical agents, thereby setting new standards in durability and reliability for industrial piping systems.

Detailed Description

The manufacturing of Fluorine Lined Four-Way/Cross fittings involves a sophisticated one-piece molding process that encapsulates a steel core with a high-grade fluoropolymer. This process ensures a uniform, seamless lining that extends throughout the fitting, effectively eliminating potential weak points where corrosion could initiate. The result is a fitting that offers an impermeable barrier to corrosive substances, ensuring the integrity of the conveyed media while maintaining the structural strength inherent to its steel foundation. This meticulous process guarantees that each fitting delivers consistent performance, providing a reliable solution for fluid transport applications requiring the utmost chemical resistance.

Key Features

Versatile Chemical Resistance: The fluorine lining is inert to virtually all chemicals, allowing these fittings to handle everything from strong acids and bases to aggressive organic solvents and oxidizers. This compatibility ensures that the fittings can be employed across a wide array of industries and processes without risk of chemical degradation.

High Durability: The structural integrity of the fittings is maintained even under extreme conditions, including high pressures and temperatures, as well as in vacuum applications. This resilience against physical deformation ensures long-term reliability and safety.

Smooth Surface: The interior surface of the fittings is exceptionally smooth, reducing fluid resistance and preventing the adhesion of particulates. This feature is crucial for maintaining efficient flow rates and simplifying cleaning procedures, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Long Service Life: Engineered for durability, these fittings are built to offer more than a decade of reliable service without significant wear or loss of performance. This longevity not only enhances system reliability but also offers significant cost savings over time, as the need for frequent replacements is substantially reduced.

Advantages Of Our Fluorine Lined Four-Way  / cross

Broad Media Compatibility: Fluorine Lined Four-Way/Cross fittings are adept at handling a vast array of corrosive substances, making them highly suitable for use in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors where exposure to aggressive media is commonplace.

Leak Resistance: The high-density construction of these fittings ensures a leak-proof performance under various operating conditions. This integral design minimizes potential failure points, significantly enhancing system reliability.

Ease of Installation: Thanks to their seamless design, these fittings allow for natural sealing without the need for additional gaskets, streamlining the installation process and reducing the likelihood of leaks.

Durability and Strength: The uniform thickness of the fluorine lining across the entire fitting, including critical junctions and curves, ensures enhanced mechanical strength and resistance to leaks, contributing to the longevity and dependability of the piping system.


Dimensions and Size Range: Available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions, these fittings can be customized to meet the specific requirements of diverse piping systems, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Material: Manufactured using high-quality PTFE, known for its outstanding corrosion resistance and chemical stability, ensuring the fittings can withstand exposure to virtually all chemical substances.

Lining Thickness: The lining thickness of approximately 10mm provides increased strength and durability, ensuring the fittings can endure high pressures and temperatures without compromising integrity.

Fluorine lined four-way lining thickness

                NO.                Minimum lining thickness (mm)                NO.                Minimum lining thickness (mm)
DN25 4.0±0.3 DN125 6.0±0.3
DN32 4.0±0.3 DN150 7.0±0.3
DN40 5.0±0.3 DN200 8.0±0.3
DN50 5.0±0.3 DN250 10.0±0.3
DN65 5.0±0.3 DN300 10.0±0.3
DN80 6.0±0.3 DN350 12.0±0.3
DN100 6.0±0.3 DN400 15.0±0.3


To facilitate a complete, corrosion-resistant piping solution, a range of compatible accessories is available. This includes:

Fluorine-Lined Pipes: To ensure consistency and reliability throughout the piping system.

Elbows and Tees: Fluorine-lined elbows and tees offer the same high level of corrosion resistance and are essential for creating complex piping layouts.

Flanges and Gaskets: Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with fluorine-lined fittings, ensuring a tight and secure connection at every junction.


Fluorine-lined four-way/cross fittings are pivotal in various industries, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of corrosive media. Their applications span:

Chemical Processing: Vital for directing flow within complex chemical manufacturing processes, where exposure to corrosive substances is frequent.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Ensures the purity and integrity of pharmaceutical products by preventing contamination from corrosive materials used in the manufacturing process.

Water Treatment: Plays a crucial role in managing the flow of chemicals used in water purification, ensuring community water supplies are safe and clean.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Supports the delivery of high-purity chemicals used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, where contamination can severely impact product quality.


Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.Can fluorine-lined four-way/cross fittings handle all types of chemicals?

Answer: Yes, these fittings are designed to be compatible with a broad range of corrosive substances, including strong acids, bases, and oxidizers, thanks to their high-quality PTFE lining.

2.Are there specific installation procedures for these fittings?

Answer: While installation is generally straightforward due to their seamless design, it's crucial to ensure the piping system is correctly aligned and supported to prevent undue stress on the fittings. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific installation instructions.

3.Can I get fluorine-lined four-way/cross fittings customized for my system?

Answer: Absolutely. Manufacturers can customize the fittings in terms of size, angle, and even material thickness to suit specific system requirements, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

4.What maintenance is required to ensure the longevity of these fittings?

Answer: Regular inspection for signs of wear or damage is recommended. Due to their high durability and resistance to corrosion, maintenance requirements are minimal. However, keeping the system clean and free of unnecessary stress will help extend the life of the fittings.

5.How do I choose the right fluorine-lined four-way/cross fitting for my application?

Answer: Consider the nature of the media being transported, the operating temperatures and pressures, and the specific requirements of your piping system. Consulting with the manufacturer can provide insights into the most suitable fitting for your application, ensuring safety and efficiency.

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