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  • Fluorine-Lined Tee
  • Fluorine-Lined Tee
  • Fluorine-Lined Tee
  • Fluorine-Lined Tee
Fluorine-Lined TeeFluorine-Lined TeeFluorine-Lined TeeFluorine-Lined Tee

Fluorine-Lined Tee

Applicable media: acids, alkalis, organic solvents, various corrosive media
Working pressure: -0.098MPa~+2.5MPa
Working temperature: -100~+180℃
Manufacturing standards: HG/T 21562-94 , HG/T 4088-2009
Performance advantages: Resistant to strong acid and alkali, PH can reach 1-14.
Service life: Under normal circumstances, the service life is more than ten years, and there will be no obvious change in the lining after ten years.

Introduction to Fluorine-Lined Tees

Fluorine-Lined Tees represent a significant advancement in piping technology, specifically designed to address the challenges presented by highly corrosive environments. These tees, featuring a steel body lined with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), are pivotal in creating junctions that safely transport corrosive substances through pipelines. The innovative use of steel-lined PTFE not only ensures compatibility with a broad range of chemicals but also offers a durable solution for connecting pipelines of varying sizes, thereby enhancing the integrity and reliability of industrial piping systems.

Detailed Description

The manufacturing process of Fluorine-Lined Tees involves a meticulous one-piece molding technique. This process begins with the careful selection of high-quality PTFE material, which is then directly molded onto the inner surfaces of a steel tee structure. The result is a seamless, high-density lining that adheres tightly to the steel, eliminating the possibility of leaks or material permeation. This method ensures the tee's surface is exceptionally smooth, promoting an efficient flow of media with minimal resistance, and uniform thickness across the entire lining, contributing to its structural integrity and corrosion resistance.

Key Features

High Chemical Resistance: Fluorine-Lined Tees are designed to withstand a wide range of corrosive substances, making them suitable for use in industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Their resistance to acids, bases, strong oxidizers, and other corrosive chemicals ensures safe media transport without risk of corrosion to the pipeline.

Permeation Resistance: The PTFE lining acts as an effective barrier against small molecule gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine, and hydrogen chloride. This feature is crucial for maintaining the purity of sensitive processes and preventing gas-related degradation within the pipeline system.

Smooth Surface: The inner surface of the tee is polished to a high degree of smoothness, reducing flow resistance and preventing the adhesion of particulate matter. This smoothness not only facilitates easier cleaning and maintenance but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the fluid transport system.

Long Service Life: Engineered for durability, Fluorine-Lined Tees are capable of maintaining their structural and functional integrity for over a decade, even under continuous use in harsh conditions. This long service life translates to reduced maintenance and replacement costs, offering an economical solution for long-term industrial applications.

Advantages Of Our Fluorine-Lined Tees

Broad Compatibility: Fluorine-Lined Tees are meticulously designed to withstand various concentrations of corrosive substances, ensuring reliable performance without the risk of leakage or deformation. Their ability to handle everything from strong acids and bases to potent oxidizers makes them indispensable in critical applications.

Ease of Installation: Thanks to their seamless design, these tees eliminate the need for gaskets, which simplifies the installation process. This not only reduces the time required for installation but also minimizes potential points of failure, ensuring a more reliable system.

Durability and Strength: The uniform thickness of the fluorine lining across the tee not only ensures optimal corrosion resistance but also enhances the overall strength of the pipeline. This design feature significantly improves leak resistance, providing peace of mind for operators and engineers alike.


Fluorine-Lined Tees are available in a wide range of dimensions and sizes to accommodate diverse piping system requirements. Specifications include:

Diameter Range: Customizable to fit various pipeline sizes, ensuring a perfect match for any system configuration.

Lining Thickness: Approximately 10mm, offering robust protection against corrosion and permeation.

Material: High-quality PTFE lining with a steel body, combining strength with superior chemical resistance.

Operating Conditions: Designed to perform within the operating pressure range of -0.098MPa to +2.5MPa and temperature range of -100°C to +180°C.

Standards Compliance: Manufactured in accordance with HG/T 21562-94 and HG/T 4088-2009 standards.

Fluorine lined tee lining thickness

                NO.                Minimum lining thickness (mm)                NO.                Minimum lining thickness (mm)
DN25 4.0±0.3 DN125 6.0±0.3
DN32 4.0±0.3 DN150 7.0±0.3
DN40 5.0±0.3 DN200 8.0±0.3
DN50 5.0±0.3 DN250 10.0±0.3
DN65 5.0±0.3 DN300 10.0±0.3
DN80 6.0±0.3 DN350 12.0±0.3
DN100 6.0±0.3 DN400 15.0±0.3


To ensure a comprehensive solution for corrosion-resistant piping systems, a variety of compatible accessories and fittings are available, including:

Fluorine-Lined Pipes: Designed to seamlessly connect with the tees, providing an uninterrupted corrosion-resistant pathway for fluids.

Elbows and Flanges: Fluorine-Lined Elbows and Flanges offer the flexibility to navigate complex piping configurations while maintaining the integrity of the system.

Custom Fittings: For unique system requirements, custom fittings can be designed and manufactured to ensure perfect compatibility and performance.


Fluorine-Lined Tees are extensively employed in a diverse array of industrial applications where the handling of corrosive substances is routine. Their unique construction makes them particularly valuable in sectors such as:

Chemical Processing: These tees play a critical role in the safe transport of acids, bases, and solvents, preventing corrosion that can lead to system failures.

Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring the purity of products is paramount. Fluorine-Lined Tees offer the chemical resistance necessary to maintain stringent standards of hygiene and prevent contamination.

Water Treatment: The treatment process often involves chemicals that can degrade standard materials. Fluorine-lined components resist such conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and safety.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: The production of semiconductors involves highly reactive and corrosive chemicals. The high purity and chemical resistance of fluorine-lined tees make them ideal for these applications.


Frequently Asked Questions.png

1.What chemicals are Fluorine-Lined Tees compatible with?

Answer: Fluorine-Lined Tees are compatible with a wide range of chemicals, including various acids, bases, oxidizers, and organic solvents. The PTFE lining provides exceptional chemical resistance, making these tees suitable for nearly any corrosive substance.

2.How are Fluorine-Lined Tees installed?

Answer: These tees are designed for ease of installation, typically requiring standard piping procedures without the need for special gaskets due to their seamless construction. Proper alignment and the use of compatible fasteners are crucial to ensure a leak-proof system.

3.Can Fluorine-Lined Tees be customized for specific system requirements?

Answer: Yes, custom options are available to meet specific dimensions, operating pressures, and temperatures. Customization ensures that these tees can be perfectly tailored to any system's requirements.

4.How should Fluorine-Lined Tees be maintained?

Answer: Routine inspection for signs of wear or damage is recommended. The smooth surface of the lining simplifies cleaning, often requiring only flushing with the appropriate solvent. In case of damage, professional assessment is advised to determine the need for replacement.

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